All-Access At The Mill

We equip and disciple individuals with special needs and disabilities in an accessible way, partnering with parents and existing ministries. Our programming and family events provide advanced support for individuals to mainstream into classrooms with typically developing peers, helping them to thrive.

What We Offer

The heart of our Special Needs Ministry is to meet every individual where he or she is. To do so, we offer a variety of services through our programming and family events. These programs often allow individuals to mainstream into classrooms with their typically developing peers while providing an advanced level of security and assistance for them to thrive.

Services Provided

All-Access Kids and Student Classes
woman (1)@2x
Young Adult
ASL Interpreters for Kids & Students

Weekly Programming

Sunday Morning Worship

Interpreted service for the deaf during the 11 AM service

Sunday Morning Small Groups

9 & 11 AM Elementary

9 & 11 AM Students

9 AM Young Adults

Midweek (Wednesday Evenings)

One-on-one shadows as needed for

preschool through high school ages

Who We Are

Our Mission

We seek to partner with parents and existing ministries by equipping volunteers and discipling individuals with special needs and disabilities. We do this in an accessible and meaningful way to help them grow in their knowledge and love for God.

We Partner with Families

By allowing parents to serve and worship freely without worry.

By coming alongside parents to provide access to needed resources, support and encouragement as they face the unique needs of raising a child with a disability. 

By helping parents discover and implement ways to reach the spiritual needs of their children.

We Partner with Existing Church at The Mill Ministries

By partnering with teachers who have individuals with disabilities. 

By equipping the Welcome Team to greet and connect individuals with disabilities into the appropriate ministries.

We Strive to Make Disciples

By engaging individuals in biblical teaching in ways that are meaningful and accessible to them. 

By going beyond simply caring for the individual and providing the gospel in an accessible way. 

By praying for individuals' spiritual needs and growth.


We found out about the All-Access ministry through a Facebook/Google search. We had just moved back to the Upstate from the Columbia area, and I was looking for a church with a special needs ministry for our son Brayden. We were going to a church in Lexington that had a special needs ministry. Brayden did well there and we wanted to find something similar or even better. We found that in Church at The Mill. We gave them bonus points for having such an amazing pastor and worship experience. Eager to be back in church, we watched church online until the kids’ program reopened after COVID. From day one, everyone was so welcoming. Being a pretty loveable guy, Brayden quickly adjusted to a new church. At Church at The Mill, we finally had a place to worship and know without a doubt Brayden would be taken care of and understood.

Colleen Taylor Parent

I don’t remember exactly how I got involved in All-Access Ministry. I think it was because of VBS around two to four years ago. When I signed up to volunteer, I checked that I would like to be a shadow. I’ve been volunteering with All-Access ever since.

Amy Haney Teaches a Young Adult Class and parent to a Young Adult

I found out about the All-Access Ministry by visiting Church at The Mill. Since finding out about All-Access about five years ago, I have been serving in the ministry. Spiritually, All-Access has allowed me to be able to enjoy Small Groups and services without worrying about my child being taken care of. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to meet other moms who live similar lifestyles as I do. Having someone love my child as she is has been a game changer. She’s not treated like a burden.

Hannah Norris Mom of an All-Access Student

I found out about the All-Access Ministry through a friend of my sister. We had just moved to the area and were looking for a church that could accommodate us and our son Joseph’s special needs. We have been involved with All-Access Ministry for more than three years.

The All-Access Ministry has grown me spiritually as a parent in a number of ways. It has allowed me to be present in service without having to worry about Joseph and whether his needs are too much for his teachers. It also has created a spiritual support group of parents who also have kids with special needs. We get together periodically to talk, pray, eat, and just share the ups and downs of special needs parenting. I never had that support before we moved here, and it has been such a blessing. The All-Access Ministry has been wonderful for Joseph. He is now a part of his own elementary-age class on Sunday mornings that meets him where he is. They continually teach the gospel in ways that he may be able to understand and retain. We are so thankful for Laura and all the All-Access volunteers who commit so much time and effort to our kids.

Jennifer Fisher Mother of a son in All-Access Elementary

Get Involved with our Ministry

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All-Access Director

Laura Dyar

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