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More Than Ever: God On Giving

2 Corinthians 9:6-15 1. God’s Principle for Giving v.6 2. God’s Pleasure in our Giving v.7 3. God’s Promise to our Giving   v.8-11a 4. God’s Purpose for our Giving v.11b-15


Plagued By Pride: 10 Words for the 10th Plague

Exodus 12:1-32 10 Words for the 10th Plague: 1. Designation v.1-2 2. Preparation v.3-6 3. Propitiation v.7 4. Participation v.8-11 5. Application v.12-13 6. Commemoration v.14 7. Sanctification   v.15, 17-20 8. Convocation v.16 9. Continuation   v.24-27 10. Liberation v.28-32 “Earnestly Desire” to Remember Him


Plagued By Pride: The Final Showdown

Exodus 10:21-11:10 God is gracious. God is just. We need both. In the final showdown we see… 1. The Final Conversation vs. 10:21-29 2. The Final Preparation  vs. 11:1-3 3. The Final Devastation vs. 11:4-10  Revelation devoid of illumination always equals rejection. In our sinful state we can be exposed to the truth of God,…


Plagued By Pride: The Pride of a King vs The Power of God

Exodus 8-10:20 There is difference between godly sorrow over sin and being sorry that something bad or uncomfortable has happened. Three cycles of the plagues: 1. A Cycle of Denial 8:1-19 2. A Cycle of Distinction 8:20-9:12 3. A Cycle of Devastation 9:13-10:20 The Gospel is Christ breaking the cycle.  Don’t fall back into it.


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