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Exodus 19 The people of God should be different. The people of God are marked by… 1. Covenant v.1-8        A.Two parts to the Covenant: You will have a special relationship WITH me. You will have a special responsibility FOR me. 2. Consecration v.9-15 3. Communion v.16-25 How is your end of the covenant?…


Let It Be Known: The Invitation

We celebrate our risen King in a deeply divided world Two truths about every division we see: They involve real people They are all caused by sin Acts 10:28-43 Essentials of Easter’s Invitation… 1. The List is Comprehensive v. 34-35 2. The Host is Commendable v. 36-39a 3. The Cost is Covered v. 39b-41 4….


Let It Be Known: Let His Name Be Known (Part 2)

Acts 4:1-22 & 5:29-32 It’s Important we understand… 1. The Case for Making His Name Known v. 1-10 Peter’s Case… The power came in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Whom you crucified God raised Jesus is the cornerstone (Psalm 118:22) 2. The Controversy of Making His Name Known? v. 11-12 3. The Courage…


Let It Be Known: Let His Name Be Known

Two questions about His name: I. Why is there power in His name? v. 12-16 He lived His life as… 1. A Servant of God-Humility v.13 2. A Sinless Man-Humanity v.14a 3. The Source of Life-Deity v.15b 4. A Sacrifice and got it back-Victory v.15a,c II. What does faith in His name offer?     …


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